GUI Application for WebFPGA

I dual boot Windows and Linux and have installed the webfpga cli tool on both systems. Although the Linux install was quite easy, the Windows install was nowhere as smooth as the Linux experience. In addition to installing the necessary dependencies via pip (pyusb and libusb), I had to manually add the libusb dll to PATH to make the command webfpga flash work.

In order to make things easier for myself (and possibly other Windows users), I created a GUI wrapper for the command line utility. The GUI app is written in python3 (kivy) and packaged using PyInstaller, so all the dependencies are included in the executable.

This is a personal project, so I haven’t run many tests on it. That being said, both me and my teammate have been using it for a while now and we have not encountered any problems so far.

GitHub Link: JerryAZR/WebFPGA-GUI: A non-official GUI wrapper of the WebFPGA-CLI utility