Issue with command line synthesis (Ubuntu in VirtualBox)

I followed the directions to install the tool for command line synthesis (webfpga, icestorm, yosys, next-npr, arachne-npr, nodejs, npm - all these install ok from what I saw), when I execute webfpga synth on blink.v I get the following error:

Anyone have any idea what this indicates?

I am executing the command in the terminal window from Ubuntu (ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso) running in VirtualBox. Lsusb lists the device, and with Ryan’s help I was able to connect to the device from the webIDE within the VM, and flash the blinky code.

Thanks for your time,


Hiya @sficarro,

Ah I see. We recently moved from to I’ve updated the Python tool to use the new hosted backend.

Give this a shot:

$ pip install webfpga==0.3.3
$ webfpga synth /home/scott/blinky.v

Let me know how it goes!
– Ryan


You are awesome! Code synthesizes, and flashes!

Many thanks,


That’s great to hear! Let me know if there’s any additional features you’d like to see on the command-line tool.