Tools location, and a Chromium programming issue

Hi, guys! It was great to meet you at the Electronics Flea Market in Sunnyvale this morning, and I appreciate the chance to pick up my WebFPGA kit in person. I’ve connected it to my laptop and the built-in Blinky is running. It shows up on the USB enumeration and I’ve added a udev rule to grant me read/write permission.

A few questions or issues:

(1) Where can I find/download the various command-line tools that I would need to use this with ICEStorm? The blinky example code tries to use several (e.g. “webfpga”) which aren’t in the GIT repository itself, and I haven’t found mention of an official URL or repo for these.

(2) I’m unable to flash the device from the page at (is this the version that I should be using?) as the page seems unable to find the device. When I first open the page, the status window shows

WebFPGA beta. Ready.
SecurityError: Must be handling a user gesture to show a permission request.
Check device type, or another page is connected to the device.

If I hit F9 or select Connect Device, a new device-selection window does pop up, but it says that no compatible devices have been found. It looks as if this version of Chromium may be enforcing a security rule that’s not compatible with the web code?

Chromium reports itself as

Version 76.0.3809.87 (Developer Build) built on Debian bullseye/sid, running on Debian bullseye/sid (64-bit)

The “iceprog” program won’t recognize the USB ID of the WebFPGA (and I presume that WebFPGA has a different programming API than the simple FTDI-based protocol anyhow?)

OK, issue (2) was mostly my error. I had a typo in the name of the udev config file and it wasn’t being processed. With that fixed, I have proper access permissions and the device shows up in the selection window when I click “Choose device”.

The two Blinky bitstreams both download and flash properly and work. Fun stuff!

Hey Dave! That’s awesome that you are able to flash and everything. I’m working on remote file-saving right now, so that should make the interface a bit easier to use between devices and sessions.

I am going to write up a forum post that describes how to run blinky using either our command-line/cloud flow OR using our command-line + IceStorm flow.

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