Try WebFPGA on Gitpod (VSCode in the browser)

I’ve set up an experimental project to develop using Gitpod.

You get a web-based copy of Visual Studio Code running on a well-provisioned server along with the OSS CAD Suite of Verilog tools.

You can build by running make in the terminal. @ryanmjacobs and I are figuring out how to set up flashing the code to the board. (It’s feasible, just a matter of figuring out how to build a VSCode extension and port the flashing code to it.)

P.S. This uses a fork of webfpga_icestorm_examples. It provides an updated command-line environment.

@ryanmjacobs if you have a bit of time, can you review the PR?

I added a Python app to generate the .pcf file from @MAP_IO statements and updated the Makefile to match. The output file includes mappings for all the built-ins as well.

I’m going to stop here until we resolve whether this can be merged into the official repos.

@ryanmjacobs I see you accepted the pull request, thank you.

I just filed a PR implementing @FPGA_TOP.

Release 1.0.3

  1. Now lints (checks your code) on save and highlights any issues. This makes coding much easier!
  2. Added documentation on how to use from Gitpod or the command line.